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More companies are realising that running an in house mail solution is not worth the cost     or the effort. Running an email server requires constant upgrades and maintenance whichmeans more IT manpower and higher costs with no real world advantages.

Now BelieverIt provides enterprise class email solutions for businesses, backed by our world class infrastructure. Whether your company needs aMicrosoft Exchange Server, QMail or Zimbra, we support it all. Choose your business email hosting platform, decide whether you require a dedicated mail server or a virtualized solution and BelieverIt will give you the best business email solution in the business. 

How It Works

Choose your mail solution

BelieverIt currently supports the QMail, Zimbra and Microsoft Exchange platforms. Need advanced Outlook collaboration? Push email? Go for the Microsoft Exchange Server. BelieverIt provides hosted Exchange as well as other mail platforms

Leave it to us

One of the major headaches of an in-house email server is maintenance andadministration. With email hosting services from BelieverIt, the most experienced IT team in the business takes care of maintenance, upgrades and administration. Small organizations don’t need to hire IT staff and larger companies could reduce the workload on their IT teams

The BelieverIt advantage

BelieverIt has some of the best infrastructure in the world. We have to our credit, the first Tier 4 Datacenter in India and the largest Tier 4 Datacenter in all of Asia. Our Datacenters have multiple layers of security, redundant hardware and

internet connectivity from nine different carriers, for email that never ever goes down

Email for less

Not only does BelieverIt have the best hosted email solutions in India, we also

have the best pricing on the market. Whether you need a dedicated server or a

VPS for email, call us for a great deal.

Secure& Stable

When Indian companies require email hosting that is fast, secure and dependable, they come to BelieverIt. We have world class infrastructure and SLA guaranteed 99.995% uptime, for email that never goes down. For business critical email, you can trust BelieverIt.

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