The government sector in Dubai has been gradually growing itself through the usage of IT Infrastructure and software solutions. Just like the private sector, government sector is observing a growing need for venturing into the information technology landscape to improve citizen service and increase security and operational efficiencies. The introduction of IT Infrastructure and E-Government software solutions in the government sector can play a significant role in the improvement of citizen services, including managing the information overload and responding to crisis situations in time.

At Believer, we do understand how the lack of IT Infrastructure solutions has severely affected the current government environment. The current government sector is challenged with stern challenges and we try to address these challenges by providing them with adequate IT Infrastructure and software solutions serving them become more smart and efficient in their day to day operations. 

IT Infrastructure in Government Sector

Improving information technology landscape can help improve security & citizen service, increase agility & operational efficiencies, improve workflows for smoother operations, and reduce costs.

Believer follows the industry best practices to help governments:

• Improve documents management

• Increase organizational productivity

• Enhance user interface, usability, and user experience

• Optimize present systems

• Transition to the current IT landscape

• Shape technology to cater to specific needs

• Improve integration of IT systems

• Automate key business processes

• Modernize legacy application suite

• Analyze enterprise architecture maturity

• Analyze mission and architecture-driven solution

Leverage our digital government solutions, such as enterprise mobility, cloud computing, recordsmanagement, and analytics, to develop forward-thinking programs centered on meeting your business needs, improving performance, and offering the best service for citizens.

Information Technology in Government Landscape

The use of Information Technology improves the overall functioning of government departments, improves better communication with citizens, and promotes transparency as well as accountability. IT enhances institutional connections within different governmental departments, creating stronger social equity.

Believer-designed business applications can help the public sector create seamless solutions to

• Meet the basic expectations of its tech-savvy citizens

• Automate processes

• Become more efficient

• Support service delivery

• Improve lives of citizens

With integrated front-end channels, citizens can have a one-stop shopping experience across all channels. An integrated hub centralizes all systems for business intelligence, authentication, voting, participation, and petitions. The government focus is shifting to a solid, cost-effective, and citizen-centric IT infrastructure.

Enterprise solutions and centralized infrastructure increase agility and flexibility for new services, build scalability, and cost optimization. As a result, citizens get what they want – technology that functions seamlessly.

Consumers expect a technological ecosystem, and cloud computing software has come a long way in helping businesses realize consumer expectations. Similarly, government institutions can reduce operating costs through cloud services while limiting the need for setting up and managing costly processing centers. Believer’s expert business processes can be steer government institutions in the right direction, with best-in-class IT infrastructure services.

With a centralized, integrated system, government centers can harness the power of coordinated business applications, integrated service management, data sharing & infrastructure, supplier and contract management across departments while ensuring compliance with government standards. This certainly helps in value addition while optimizing the level of control.

One of the key responsibilities of the government is to ensure good public infrastructure that works in harmony with private sector.

Our IT Infrastructure solutions in Dubai help:

• Distribute project risks

• Align the interests of sponsors and vendors

• Automate operations to optimize workflows

• Make processes to help optimize infrastructure investments

• Focus on effective outcomes

Leverage believer extensive in computing software experience to identify best practices and make better, informed decisions.

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