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Is your business running out of space for storing business data and proprietary information? Is your business willing to invest in a cutting edge technological solution but lack the space and cost to do so? Well the answer to your queries lies in a unique concept called as virtualization. A virtualization solution will work best for businesses that are willing to implement the best technology solutions but lacks the space and cost to do so. Our virtualization solutions include network virtualization, server and storage virtualization in Dubai. Our network virtualization experts make use of network solutions by utilizing all the existing resources optimally to produce comprehensive technological solutions.

Virtualization helps your enterprise


Improve application performance


Reduce energy needs


Consolidate servers and increase utilization


Virtualize network connections


Build next-gen data center with integrated resources designed for virtualization


Manage physical and virtual environments


Consolidate and manage storage


Return on track after a disaster




We have highlighted the need to implement virtualization solutions for your businesses in Dubai. In case you’re a company in Dubai that aims to instill cutting technological solutions but don’t intend to compromise on space then a virtualization solution is ideal for your business.

We at BCS have increasingly emphasized recommending virtual platforms to our valued customers from a wide range of top virtualization products in the market.

There are three types of virtualizations

* Server virtualization
* Storage virtualization
* Network virtualization

We ensure that the network virtualization solution in Dubai address the needs of your business as a whole. Our virtualization solutions in Dubai cover a lot of aspects and offers cross platform compatibility. As one of the premier and well known IT Infrastructure Dubai Companies, we have optimized all our virtualization solutions inclusive of network, storage and server virtualization. All our solutions are designed and optimized for performance and efficiency. Our cutting edge virtualization solutions include VMware and Microsoft Hyper V that allows you to securely access all applications over the network from different platforms including iPad, Macs and personal computers that improve the interaction of guest operating systems.

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